Proposed Board of Cardiovascular Medicine Comment Period Open Through July 24

The American College of Cardiology along with American Heart Association, Society of Cardiovascular angiography and interventions, Heart failure society of America, has submitted a formal application, seeking the creation of a new independent board of cardiovascular medicine to American Board of Medical specialties (ABMS).

Cardiology has evolved to include a wide variety of specialties and multidisciplinary care. It is time for an independent board that reflects the evolution of cardiology into its own distinct medical specialty. The proposed new cardiovascular board answers the calls from ABMS for a certification process that facilitates “continuous learning and improvement while simultaneously assuring patients their physicians are up to date in their specialty.”

Independent board of cardiovascular medicine would play a significant role in ensuring cardiologists are at the forefront of their field, meeting and sustaining the core competencies unique to cardiology. Prioritizing lifelong learning and supporting continuous self-improvement, an independent board of cardiovascular medicine represents the best interest of cardiologists and heart patients alike.

As part of the process the ABMS has launched a 90-day open comment period running through July 24. The open comment period is an important opportunity for the cardiovascular community, patients, and other stakeholders to engage in the decision-making process and will contribute do the final certification structure process.

Membership is encouraged to provide comments at the ABMS website. All comments will be shared with applicant board and ABMS advisory body. Along with including your identifying information and general responses, the form provides opportunities for additional comments related to your responses as well as a chance to upload a letter or document.

I would strongly encourage our members to visit the website to provide their valuable insight and comments to contribute to decision making process of the new Cardiology board.

Submit your comments via the ABMS website by July 24.